5 Advantages of Working with a mortgage broker instead of a bank

“Teena made this process the best it could be. Always following thru with everything she said she would. Teena Broumand is outstanding at her job and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know!!"

C. Geaney

What is different about working with a mortgage broker rather than a bank?

How do you decide where to get a loan for your mortgage? There are many sources that can

provide you with a home loan but how do you know who is good, able to offer a

competitive, fair rate, and close your loan in a smooth and timely manner? Each of

these critical factors should be considered in your decision of where to obtain your

mortgage and what to expect when working with a mortgage broker.


When deciding where to get a loan for your mortgage, here are 5 advantages of working with a mortgage broker:

• Interest Rate: Independent wholesale mortgage brokers shop your particular

loan scenario amongst several different lenders and programs to find the lowest

offer available.

• Loan structure: By asking questions about your most important considerations,

we are able to present options with a TOTAL cost analysis.

• Speed to close: With a thorough in-house pre-underwriting process, we are able

to anticipate most loan conditions getting in front of documentation

requirements. When your offer is presented to a seller, you can accommodate a

quicker closing timeframe increasing the competitiveness of your offer.

• Reliability: WE.CLOSE.OUR.LOANS. period. We have built our business on word

of mouth and our reputation. That means that every deal we do and every

interaction we have, is the most important one. You are not a number, we take

you seriously, and we work hard to make sure our loans are closed on time,


• Local and Independent: We are active in our communities and take serious our

obligation to give back. Originating loans in a small town like Ojai, California and

locating our office in Ventura, we take pride in the fact that our community

reaches from the Oaks to the Ocean.


An independent mortgage broker is not tied to the narrow set of products offered by a

bank or retail lender. We shop several lenders on your behalf with one single credit

pull, and offer wholesale rates directly to our clients. Our overhead is low, we do not

sponsor the Super Bowl, and these savings are passed along to our clients.

We seek to educate our clients on smart mortgage strategies. We are focused on your

goals, where your payment comfort level is, and how long you plan to stay in your

home. We look for ways to lower your borrowing cost and help you reach your long-

term goals.


We work your way. Are you most comfortable on a phone call, prefer to meet in

person, or would you rather click away with an online application? Most important is

that you reach out today! Just get started…

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