Way to Go! You're ready to buy a home.

The best position you can put yourself in is to get prequalified before you start shopping for your dream home. We provide smart leverage and money saving strategies to help you determine the optimum down payment and loan structure for your mortgage financing.

Have you avoided the most common mistakes before buying a home?

It might be a good idea to pay down your credit cards and monthly debt obligations, but did you know that by paying off or closing accounts it can actually hurt your credit score? We take the time to listen to your questions, focus on your goals, and assist you with money-saving strategies. We have a keen understanding of how credit score algorithms and other factors can affect your loan pricing, and we help you avoid costly missteps.

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Lean on our expertise to best position your financial qualifications so you can focus on the home search.

Our Loan Process is Simple:



We evaluate your income, assets, and credit in order to determine the best loan program for your situation and goals. 



You work with your real estate agent in Ventura County or in your region to find the perfect home and submit offers.



Once your offer is accepted, escrow will coordinate the signing of loan documents and disbursement of funds to parties of the transaction.



After all loan conditions have been met, your loan will fund and you'll receive keys to your new home!

What Loan Programs do we offer?

Conventional Loan

A long-term 30-year fixed rate loan option for stable payments.

VA Loan

From military to homeowner – you served, now benefit!

Bank Statement Loan

Self employed? Bank statement loans are for you!

FHA Loan

Limited down payment & less than perfect credit? That's okay!

Looking for more? View our full list of loan programs here.

There are financial strategy and timing considerations that can save you thousands of dollars. We work with our clients to navigate dynamic markets, anticipate underwriting requests, and use strategic intelligence to ensure your offer stands out.

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Shop smarter, not harder.

By understanding the latest details of an ever-changing mortgage market, how to apply Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, and when to look for out-of-the-box creative mortgage solutions, we have been able to save families money. REAL MONEY! We leverage our understanding of the lending system and ensure our clients know the lowest cost of borrowing for their situation (not just the rate). We help you find ways to use the lending process to your advantage.


Don’t go into an open house empty-handed again.  Real estate agents will take you more seriously when you show up armed with information, educated on the process, and pre-approved for a house you can afford.

Do you know what the hidden housing problem is?

Not enough houses – so how do you deal with it? By working with a professional mortgage broker, your offer is strategically structured and assured to close quickly, providing the best competitive advantage, moving you to top consideration.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Payment calculators can give you a rough idea of the math behind the payment, but how do you know what YOU can qualify for? Are you up to date on all the various loan options and guideline changes? Then coming to a REAL rate quote for your situation is hard.

Know what isn’t hard? A quick conversation about what you’re looking to do and what you have to work with and we’ll give you the real answers that a payment calculator can’t provide.

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Credit mistakes. Got 'em fixed. Now I'm a homeowner.

After a bad break-up left him holding debt, Max assumed his homeownership dreams would be delayed by years. We were able to restructure his debt obligations, omit a car payment, and qualify him for a starter home he’d been dreaming of.

Mortgage Your Way.

Virtual Meeting, Online, or In Person

We dig deeper into the cost-benefit analysis of mortgage transactions with a client-centric focus.