What comes first? The mortgage or the house?

So you’re considering buying a home, but are you ready?

The best position you can put yourself in is to assess your mortgage readiness BEFORE you fall in love with your dream home.

A mortgage is a unique type of debt...

because the property itself serves as collateral. So a lender is going to look at FOUR MAIN THINGS: the property itself, your income qualifications, any assets you own, and your credit profile or FICO score.

By working with a local INDEPENDENT mortgage broker (like ME!), we make sure you are ship shape in each of these four categories BEFORE your application is submitted to the lender. THIS SAVES YOU MONEY. The best way to begin is with a brief conversation or by answering a few questions with our online loan application. REACH OUT TODAY!

Ready to explore your options?

Home values appreciate at a predictable and measurable rate and are expected to climb in Ventura County with limited inventory. The rental markets from Ojai to Camarillo are VERY tight and interest rates are VERY LOW. If you have ever considered homeownership reach out today!

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I specialize in assisting you with YOUR HOME READINESS. Let’s get it going today!