These tools are intended to help you start thinking about the math behind buying or refinancing a house. If you are interested in getting specific about your situation, reach out.
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Designed to help you with the financing aspects of a home, these tools can help you get started answering the ‘how much’ kind of questions.  We are here to make sure you know how much you can afford, how much your home is worth, and how much your estimated mortgage payment will be.


• Is it better to put 3.5% or 5% down?
• What if the property I am buying needs remodeling, can I hold some money back?
• Can we negotiate seller concessions to cover some of the closing costs?
• What are current interest rates and which way is the market trending?
• What is the timeline you are working with?

Each of these considerations has a direct effect on your loan pricing.

We are here to share our understanding of the lending system, credit score algorithms, and give you the strategic guidance not offered by big banks or retail lenders in Ventura County and beyond.

We are NOT here to “sell” you a loan. We leverage our understanding of the lending system and ensure our clients know the lowest cost of borrowing for their situation (not just the rate). We help you find ways to use the lending process to your advantage.

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To help you close more transactions, we offer the following tools:

• Guaranteed quick closings

• Customizable Open House Flyers

• Rent vs. Buy Analysis

• Cost of Waiting Analysis

• Property Comparison

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We dig deeper into the cost-benefit analysis of mortgage transactions with a client-centric focus.