A mortgage can be a powerful financial tool and smart borrowers have questions. As independent mortgage brokers, we are not beholden to any single lending source and we use our volume to negotiate the best rates and terms for our client. We provide unbiased advise and objectivity.

Traditional banks and retail lenders work for their institutions and are limited to offering products from a sole source. With a single credit-pull we are able to shop several lenders on your behalf, taking the guesswork out of comparing multiple options from a variety of lenders.

Benefit By Working With An Independent Mortgage Broker

Your chosen mortgage broker should provide a source of knowledge and real estate financing expertise. Don’t shy away from shopping for your mortgage, obtaining a quote from a bank and a mortgage broker. Unless you are a high depository client, big banks typically pad with unnecessary fees and there is a lack of certainty that your loan will close on time. Ever heard the expression, bait and switch?

Smart Leverage & Money Saving Strategies

As a proud member or Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, a community of independent mortgage brokers, we are:

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Flexible & Competitive

We work for the borrower, not the bank. Several lenders competing for your loan results in low rates and fees.

Service Oriented

By providing top of the line customer service, we build relationships, not transactions.

Local & Independent

We are in full control of how we run and operate our business, and choose to build communities through an exceptional home-buying experience. We are based in Ventura County, but have national reach.


Easy online loan applications, automated asset verification, home valuation estimators, credit repair simulators provide you with better connectivity, and a digital mortgage.
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By taking the time to understand my clients’ goals, I am able to share my knowledge of financing best practices and loan structuring to guide them to a better financial situation for their family. Homeownership can be the cornerstone to building generational wealth, and I love supporting those efforts.


Mortgage Your Way.

We dig deeper into the cost-benefit analysis of mortgage transactions with a client-centric focus.